Our Fibre Services

Fibre Types

All fibre optic cables installed, terminated, and tested to ensure that our client has all application, protocol, and bandwidth options. Multimode, Single mode, external, internal or a combination Cable and Data Services has all installation options covered. Tight buffered, loose tube, multi loose tube, breakout cables, patch cables CDS engineers have experience in termination and testing in assess of thousands of terminations over multiple sites using different cable types and different cable terminations.

Out-Side Plant Solutions

Services for network build and emergency restoration of fibre optic out-side plant installations can be achieved. Specialising from long haul to customer connection installations.

Fibre Termination

Cable and Data Services has in-house knowledge and experience to allow the client installer confidence. CDS specialises in fusion splice terminations, using factory polished connectors of all termination types of Multimode, Single mode fibre cabling.

Fibre connectors

Cable and Data Services has a vast knowledge and expertise with fibre optic connector termination, connectors including SC, SCA, ST, FC, LC, LCA, MU, MTRJ, E2000 are included in CDS termination portfolio.

Customer Optical Fibre Distribution Frames (OFDF’s)

A wide range of OFDF’s are installed by CDS With lots of experience, customers can select or professional advice is give to the best solutions. These OFDF’s are fitted out with the required connectors / bulkheads to meet the clients requirements. Patchcord managements can also be supplied.

Fibre Testing

To ensure that all installations/ terminations fall within strict manufacturer and cabling standard guidelines all Single mode and Multimode terminations are compliance tested with either or a combination of OTDR and power meter testing. CDS guaranties that at client handover all tested terminations work.

OTDR Testing

OTDR Testing is carried out with High Precision OTDR test equipment to verify the optical length identifying high loss joints and connectors. Based on your own requirements can be either Uni or Bi-directional. Testing at 850nm,1300nm Multi Mode and Single Mode 1310nm,1550nm,1625nm up to 180km in length.

Material Supply

Any fibre optic patch cords can be supplied on request.