Smart Wired Structured Copper Network Services

What is Smart Wiring?

Smart wiring is a network of cables that are in a star wired configuration around your home. This enables you to receive and communicate with voice, data an HD video within your home or office with ease.

Cable & Data Services Ltd (CDS) have been delivering Fibre Optic & Structured Wiring Telecommunication Services to the Bay for the last 10 years As we have seen over the last several years the advances in the telecommunication technology mean it’s more important than ever to make sure the wiring and connections in homes are capable of delivering modern telecommunications, entertainment systems. With all the emerging technologies like HD Video and smart mobile devices you need to plan for the future. Whether you’re building or renovating your home, having a high-speed ‘Ethernet’ smart wiring system is now essential to ensure you can access high-speed broadband services.

By installing high-speed, Ethernet Smart wiring when building or renovating you can save both time and money down the track because it can be installed at the same time other services are going in, and before wall linings are installed that restrict access for installation.

Installing wiring in an existing house that doesn’t comply with the “Premises Wiring Code of Practice” may prove a costly choice if it’s not capable of delivering existing services. This is because wall linings may need to be removed. Wireless technology is not able to support the very high data rates required for HD video data.

Cable & Data Services always installs a Star Wired system with what’s known as Cat6 cabling. We also highly recommend our micro-net solution which is capable of delivering the next generation technologies. It is recommended that multiple telecommunications outlets or jackpoints for rooms such as your lounge, rumpus room, and study are installed.

When building or renovating, the location of devices is paramount
Consideration should be given to the best locations in a building for:

  • The main sky decoder
  • Televisions
  • Fixed personal computers
  • Wi-Fi access points
  • Voice phone outlets
  • Security cameras
  • Wireless internet if you are not in the fibre to the home area